Fabric and Home Care World Conference

The inaugural Fabric and Home Care World Conference was held in Montreux, Switzerland in 1976, convening every four years until 2012, when the conference was held for the first time in Singapore. Since that time, the conference has been held every two years in locations that alternate from east to west.

This bi-annual conference brings together top-level executives from around the world to discuss global research and perspectives on the technology, product, and business trends of the industry. The speakers are considered the best in the business and will deliver presentations on the most important topics in the industry today and what to expect in the future.The 2018 Fabric and Home Care World Conference will be the first time this valuable business and networking event is held in North America. 

Meeting experience

Learn more about what makes the Fabric and Home Care World Conference experience so unique — this must-attend event is your chance to network with other attendees and benefit from others’ expertise in an exclusive and innovative setting.

Marketing opportunities

Showcase your company, services and products to more than 650 World Conference attendees with a variety of marketing opportunities. More...

About World Conference on Fabric and Home Care

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